"So many people are doing early learning but you are doing it right. You are spot on with the important work you're doing. You are doing all the right things to help these children develop successfully."  ~ Dr. Patricia Kuhl, Co-Director, UW Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences

"Even though it has only been a couple of weeks, I am so thrilled with the progress Zachary is making at Behnke Preschool. He has said more new words in the past two weeks than he has in the past four months. He is trying sounds, he is repeating what we say more, and he is so much more relaxed than he used to be in verbal communication. This morning he used two new words in one sentence and I almost cried. Thanks so much for the great work you are doing with Zachary and all the kiddos." ~ Behnke Preschool Parent

"Thank you so much!  Chelsea's speech has improved so greatly.  It gives me great excitement to know there are people who care about her as much as I do." ~ Behnke Preschool Parent

"I cannot say enough good things about your program! Ned Behnke also has a GOLDMINE in Deanna and Krystle! Their sweetness and dedication made Sara's first experience attending school quite precious." ~ Behnke Preschool Parent

"Your program is amazing!  Krystle and Deanna do an outstanding job with our child!  The Behnke Bulletins are also great.  We keep them as a record of what he is doing—sort of an archive of his achievements.  Thank you!" ~ Behnke Preschool Parent

"We really appreciate all of the time, effort, and attention to detail that the teachers put into making the classroom a special, fun, and engaging place for the kids.  Awesome!" ~ Behnke Preschool Parent

"Megan's attitude and self-esteem have improved so so very much!  Thank you so much for all you have done for our family.  Megan loves everyone here so much!" ~ Behnke Preschool Parent

"When our family first came to Behnke Preschool, John was 3 ½ yeas old.  He barely spoke and the few words he did speak were unintelligible.  Now, John is a little chatter box.  When last tested he was just below "typical" development for his age. That's great news!" ~ Behnke Preschool Parent

"Lots of moms and dads tell stories about the silly, funny and even embarrassing things their kids say in public.  Unlike these parents, we are excited if our son says anything in public.  Nate has speech challenges, and often needs prompting on what to say or help with putting words together when he wants to convey a complex thought.  So you can imagine my overwhelming pride and joy when MY son stood up in front of his friends at the end of his birthday party and very eloquently said (without any prompts), "Thank you everyone for coming to my party. I hope you had a fun day. I love you all"--and then I nearly fell off of my chair laughing when he finished with, "Except you," as he pointed to one boy attending the party! Luckily, the boy wasn't offended and the kids all went back to playing.  I want to thank Nate's wonderful preschool teachers at Behnke Preschool for giving him skills that amaze (and amuse) me!" ~ Behnke Preschool Parent

"Nothing in three years of [speech] therapy has worked so well for my son.  Finally, something is helping my child!  My son has made more progress in the last five months in Behnke Preschool than in all the prior three years of therapy combined – I am so thankful to HSDC for giving us hope for a bright future!" ~ Behnke Preschool Paren

"The work done at HSDC is of paramount importance – not simply for the individual families, such as ours, but to our society as a whole.  Each child who reaches their full potential enriches us collectively.  They are our future, and the mark by which we will be measured." ~ Behnke Preschool Parent

"Behnke Preschool has been a wonderful part of our whole family's life.  Our daughter has thrived in the program and we have all benefitted from the creative, hands-on approach to learning!  Thank you Behnke teachers!" ~ Behnke Preschool Paren

"The knowledgeable, loving, and intuitive teachers of the Behnke Preschool have been incredibly inpactful to my son.  He can now express himself with little frustration and his confidence grows daily.  Life-changing-absoluntely!" ~ Behnke Preschool Parent

"We are amazed by how much progress our daughter has made in her language skills in just a few months.  She loves to sing the songs she learned at Behnke at home.  Before she started preschool she didn't sing at all.  Her vocabulary beyond nouns and verbs to correctly using pronouns and prepositions.  We are very pleased we made the choice to send her to Behnke." ~ Behnke Preschool Parent

"Behnke has been such an incredible find for our daughter.  She is excelling in the classroom - exploring new themes, making friends, and learning so much each day."  ~ Behnke Preschool Parent

"The impact your school has had on Owen's life is HUGE!!  Everyone sees it, even his 4 year old friends comment on how well he talks.  You've made it possible for him to make friends at the park, tell us his feelings, and whisper secrets to his brothers at night.  Behnke was the best decision our family has made!"  ~ Behnke Preschool Parent


*Student names have been change