"So many people are doing early learning, but you are doing it right. You are spot on with the important work you are doing. You are doing all the right things to help these children develop successfully."

~Dr. Patricia Kuhl, Co-Director, UW institute for Learning and Brain Sciences


Our Mission

Ned Behnke Speech-Language Preschool (Behnke Preschool) provides a language-rich environment utilizing multiple learning modalities to develop speech, language, literacy and self confidence.  HSDC educates and empowers families to take an active role in promoting their child's communication development.

The Ned Behnke Speech Language Preschool is made possible by the vision and support of Sally Behnke and her Family and Friends.  Click here for more information on our generous donors.

“Thank you so much! Chelsea’s speech has improved so greatly. It gives me great excitement to know there are people who care about her as much as I do.”
— Behnke Preschool Parent

Our Program Includes:

  • Weekly "Behnke Bulletin" newsletter outlining targeted skills, vocabulary, and activities
  • A quarterly individualized progress report outlining strengths and weaknesses in the areas of social-emotional development, cognitive development, physical development, and speech, language, and literacy
  • Bi-annual parent-teacher conferences in December and June
  • One annual home visit before the start of Fall quarter
  • Classroom taught by one speech-language pathology assistant and one early childhood educator with support from a licensed speech-language pathologist
  • Daily large and small group activities focusing on language and pre-literacy skill development
  • When appropriate, pull-out speech-language therapy is available during program hour by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist